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Personal Package Repository


Add this repository

Step 1. Add the key using one of the two methods.

1a. Receive from key server.

pacman-key --recv-keys 16F249ED243F596E

1b. Download directly from this repository.

curl -L \
    | pacman-key --add -

Step 2. It’s recommended to verify the fingerprint.

pacman-key --finger 16F249ED243F596E

Step 3. Locally sign the key.

pacman-key --lsign-key 16F249ED243F596E

Step 4. Now in your /etc/pacman.conf, add this at the end of the file:

Server =$arch

Step 5. Refresh package databases.

pacman -Sy


Name Architectures Description
apps-common-meta x86_64 Meta package to install some common apps
apps-extra-meta x86_64 Meta package to install some extra apps
caj2pdf-qt x86_64 CAJ 转 PDF 转换器(GUI 版本)
fakeroot-tcp aarch64, x86_64 Tool for simulating superuser privileges,with tcp ipc
fonts-meta x86_64 Meta package to install some fonts
kde-meta x86_64 Meta package to install some components for KDE Plasma
makepkg-nosudo aarch64 Use su instead of sudo in makepkg, for more convenient use in termux
neovim-meta x86_64 Meta package to install some components for neovim
nosudo aarch64 A simple bash script that mimics some of sudo’s features
pacman-hooks-meta x86_64 Meta package tp install some pacman hooks
pacmerge aarch64, x86_64 Merge .pacnew files
palette-git aarch64, x86_64 Print color palette
pylance-language-server x86_64 Python language server based on pylance vscode extension
ttf-ms-win10 x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 TrueType fonts
ttf-ms-win10-japanese x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 Japanese TrueType fonts
ttf-ms-win10-korean x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 Korean TrueType fonts
ttf-ms-win10-other x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 Other TrueType fonts
ttf-ms-win10-sea x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 Southeast Asian TrueType fonts
ttf-ms-win10-thai x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 Thai TrueType fonts
ttf-ms-win10-zh_cn x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 Simplified Chinese TrueType fonts
ttf-ms-win10-zh_tw x86_64 Microsoft Windows 10 Traditional Chinese TrueType fonts